Alphel is one of Ami's rivals, and a devoted servant of Azzathra. She dresses like a Mistress, and is assumed to have been one before her rise to the status of Keeper. Her skin is covered in a thick layer of scar tissue, and her eyes bear the pinwheel mark of the Mighty Tyrant's anti-magic gaze.

When Alphel joined forces with Arachne to destroy Ami's iceberg dungeon, she brought a number of elite orcs and trolls. When Ami disabled them using her Dark Shabon Spray, Alphel unleashed her trump card - the Eldest, a massive dragon and the favored beast of Azzathra. She then ran riot through Ami's dungeon, destroying everything in her path until Ami tricked her into touching the pool of a temple. The Eldest was slain, and Alphel sluggishly retreated to lick her wounds and recover from her humiliating defeat.

Alphel later destroyed Arachne for abandoning the fight against Ami, and may still be looking for a way to defeat the senshi.

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