The Butler Imp is a currently unnamed imp who acts as personal assistant to Keeper Mukrezar. He was introduced after Mukrezar was brought back to life by the dark god Crowned Death. 

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

The imp dresses like a gentleman butler, is articulate, and intelligent - all ways in which he deviates from the imp norm. He is openly cynical and evil, and shows little fear of his master, often using sarcasm and ridicule to poke holes in Mukrezar's plans.

It is possible the Butler Imp is a reference to the cynical Narrator from the original Dungeon Keeper game, as many of Mukrezaar's actions conform to the player's actions in the game, including defeating the Avatar and cursing him into the form of a female troll.


He has shown no overt powers beyond those available to imps, but it is hinted that he may be enormously resilient to damage. He survived the death of both his Keeper and the destruction of his Dungeon Hearts. Mukrezar himself threatened to research a way to get rid of him for good, suggesting that his own master does not know how to kill him. 

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