is a tall warrior. She previously was part of an adventuring party together with her companion Jered, the acolyte Snyder and the brute Boris. Of those she is the most martially inclined and favours a pragmatic approach.

She is tall, blond, long-haired and initially reluctant to let go of advantages, such as armour, even in friendly environments. On her right cheek she sports a straight scar. Her humour is rather wry and deadpan.

At first she was opposed to joining Mercury's ranks as a minion but since the circumstances already marked her as an associate of a Keeper she followed through on that matter. Soon enough her knowledge in armed battle made her the prime choice as a drill instructor for the goblins and army in general. Add to that her being the only other girl and she easily became a confidante of Ami and a friend she could rely on. This allows her to show behaviour regarding Mercury that mortifies most other minions.

Cathy is on the furthest right.