There are a number of Dark Gods, though the position of head of the evil pantheon is currently contested between Crowned Death, Azzathra the Mighty Tyrant, and the Unraveller of Mysteries. Conflict between their cults is commonplace, though they have yet to make a significant impact on their rivals power base.

Dungeon Keeper - Dark Gods

The Dark Pantheon Edit

Crowned Death: Dark God of Death, Decay, and Unlife. His most notable servants are the Death Priests, skeletal sorcerers who carry the dreaded Staves of Calarine, and previously Keeper Mukrezar. It is believed that he grants favored Keepers the ability to control unlimited numbers of minor undead.

Azzathra the Mighty Tyrant: Dark God of Brute Force, Intimidation, and Martial Skill. He is served by Keepers Alphel and Morrigan. His favored pet, an enormous dragon known as 'The Eldest' was slain by Ami.

Unraveller of Mysteries: Dark God of Knowledge. Not much is known about this deity, except for her immense intelligence and knowledge of both magic and science. None of her servants have been revealed yet, but they are likely to be accomplished warlocks and alchemists.

Isubiar the Flame Emperor: Dark God of Fire. Little is known about this deity, except for his affinity for fire. He likely favors dragons above any other creature. Destruction, ruin and devastation are probably important to his dogma.

The Vermin Lord: Dark God of Poisonous and Diseased Creatures. Very little is known about this dark god save for his power over beasts like giant beetles, spiders and flies. He is served by Keeper Arachne, and he has recently begun exploring the spaces between the Dark Realm and the Dark Kingdom. Keepers who serve him often seem to replace their original bodies with forms made out of swarms of small vermin (spiders or insects).

Murdrul the Devourer: Dark God of Pain, Gluttony, and Avarice. Very little is known about this god, as he was destroyed and consumed by his rival Azzathra prior to the beginning of the story. He is believed to have reveled in the suffering of others, and his favor of Bile Demons and Dark Mistresses hints towards his own vile and insatiable appetites. The incredibly ostentatious temple Malleus kept to the dark god also suggests a hunger for gold and jewels as well.