The Death Priests are powerful, and with few exceptions, undead sorcerers and clerics devoted to the god of decay and unlife, Crowned Death. They adorn themselves in the skulls and bones of long dead beasts over long purple robes, and carry rods of spiraling bone known as the Battle-Staves of Calarine.

Ami faced a number of these potent undead magicians when she fought Crowned Death over the Avatar's Mantle and the lives of eight thousand blinded captives.

One of their most potent spells was a ray of death that caused whatever it struck to rapidly age and die. During the battle against Keeper Clairmonte, this spell caused an ice golem possessed by Ami to evolve into a monstrous young youma that quickly devoured everything magical within reach, to the horror of Clairmonte and the amusement of Ami's forces.

The Death Priest's abilities have been heavily-impacted by the loss of Crowned Death's hidden temple and his undead dungeon hearts, which supplied the massive amounts of energy needed to power their staves.

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