Erasmus was a warlock who joined Ami's forces following her assault on Malleus' desert dungeon. He was her Chief Warlock, which made him de facto Head of Research until his death in the climactic battle against Keeper Nero's forces (Nero's Spell Part 2). He was succeeded by Torian.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Like any capable warlock, Erasmus was both intelligent and magically powerful, with a thirst for arcane knowledge that bordered on obsession. In appearance, he was described as neither old nor young, with black hair and a short black goatee. He usually wore purple warlock's robes.


Erasmus was Chief Warlock in the time period of many of Ami's technological breakthroughs. Advances which occurred during his tenure include the Reaperbots, Ami's magic eyestalk-based tactical communication network, the gold-to-mana and electricity-to-mana converters, and the power armor Ami wore in Azzathra's duel. His exact degree of involvement with these projects is uknown, save that he was lead designer on the gold-to-mana converter (Cruising Along).

His most significant moment in combat was when he modified one of Ami's necromantic farms on the iceberg dungeon to destroy a horde of attacking spiders sent by Arachne (A Meddler Appears).

He was one of four warlocks (out of 20 working for Ami) who died during the climactic battle against Nero's forces, but the manner of his death is unknown - his death during the battle is only mentioned in passing as the reason Torian is Chief Warlock (Assault on Wemos).

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