Evercalm is a town with a population of about five thousand people. It is surrounded by a high city wall. The city guard wears purple and white armour.

The town itself is located in a kingdom neighboring that of Morgan the Great.[1]

The town's regional branch of the church was the temple Mercury used to talk to the Light Gods after integrating Keeper Malleus' knowledge. After being unceremoniously shoved out of the temple the Dark Gods sent the Horned Reaper to collect her.[2]

Persons of interestEdit


A portly man, red cheeked, with a golden chain around his neck denoting his status in town. In official business he is clad in a magenta silk jacket with an ermine pelt collar. He wears thick, round glasses.


The big-nosed judge presiding over Mercury's trial wore a powdered wig, as tradition dictates.[3]


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