Horned reaper

A Horned Reaper

Horny looking up rend

A Horned Reaper is an evil aligned demonic race of the Dungeon Keeper Universe. It has an affinity for fire. They do not tire nor succumb to old age, thirst or hunger. While not invincible Reapers are quite sturdy.


A Horned Reaper has a red-skinned humanoid figure with hooves instead of feet. Their general build is very muscular. Their faces are split with what appears to be an eternal grin showing off razor sharp teeth. Two pointy, straight horns protrude from their heads. Their fingers are covered in scales.

Their general attire are greaves flaring out into pointy knee protectors, a metal-studded loincloth and equally pointy shoulder protectors.

The spell providing this armor includes a scythe of appropriate height.