An imp is a magically created creature. The small size and huge head give it a deceptively childlike build. It has
Imp Design by PRDart
green skin and over-sized eyes showing only black. On each hand are three digits.

Imps are generally clumsy but do the day-to-day work in a dungeon such as building and maintaining traps, as well as all the burying and mining. The general equipment therefore is a big bag as well as a Minion Pick.

All imps are mute but can understand verbal commands given to them.

When they claim an area the ornaments on walls and floor are based on the character and taste of their Keeper without conscious effort of the latter. For example, Ami's dungeons have had a number of symbols and motifs pertaining to her power over ice as Sailor Mercury, whereas Morrigan's dungeon had many related to strength and his own perverse tastes.

Due to their strong connection to the Dungeon Heart imps can be transported by their Keeper to neutral territory and vice versa. This grants a crafty Keeper the ability to send an imp somewhere, let it pick up something or someone and shove it into its bag and transport the imp including package back to the dungeon.

Ami has recently come into possession of the power to create imps without the interference of any of the dark gods opposing her, instead using the power of Metallia to animate them. They are female in form, are slightly more intelligent than normal imps, and possess quite a nasty temperament.