A creature or person entering a contract of servitude with a Keeper engages a Minion Bond, either by accepting a token payment or touching the Dungeon Heart with friendly intent. This bond allows the Keeper to move the Minion however they want, use Keeper Transport on them, know their exact health status and where they are and allow them to see their surroundings. It's also a weak point in their mental defenses, allowing the Keeper to feel if they are angry or injured as well as enabling Possession. Most notably this is used to Slap them into obedience and but also to drop them behind enemy lines within their Territory, move them to their work areas quickly or drop them into a Prison, torture chamber or Sacrificial Pool of a Dark Temple. Imps and Nonsentient Minions can also receive mental commands and will obey these as far as they are able to and even against survival instincts. The way the command is executed is up to the minion unless a the command is detailed enough. Furthermore a minion bond creates an irresistible disinclination to harm the Keeper.

Breaking the BondEdit

A Minion bond cannot be broken unless the Minion feels rightful fury for their Keeper[1], however because a Keeper can feel this anger most Minions land in the Torture chamber before this can happen. In the story Horniculus, the Avatar and his Trolls did this. Horny was furious for being put not only in a Sailor Mercury uniform but also in Ami's body and the Avatar has fury for all Keepers for the destruction of his Homeland. The Troll's contracts remained under Marda's command, and thus their minion Bonds were dependent of hers.


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