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Rabixtrel "hearts" you!

Rabixtrel is a Horned Reaper who, like Ami's first reaper, had been imprisoned by his former Keeper. His prison was located on the Avatar islands, and he was released by Nero. He currently serves Sailor Mercury.

Apearance, Personality, and PowersEdit

Rabixtrel is shorter and leaner than Ami's first Reaper, but if anything his appearance is even more viscious, with blank white eyes. Like all reapers, he is filled with an unending bloodlust and thirst for combat.

Like all Horned Reapers, he is enormously strong and fast, highly damage resistant, with rapid healing, immunity to heat, a cursed scythe and a mouth full of sharp fangs. There are hints that he is more skilled in combat than his predecessor. Unlike the earlier Reaper, Rabixtrel does not cast Fireball spells, instead using a number of less flashy but more flexible magics (Bad Neighbours). These include:

  • Shielding Spell
  • Slow spell
  • Haste spell

Like all reapers, Rabixtrel gets bored easily and starts killing his own comrades for fun.


There is no information as to which Keeper had originally imprisoned Rabixtrel, although it may have been Mukrezar. He was released from his prison by Nero. During the climactic battle against Ami's forces (Nero's Spell Parts 1 & 2) he was unable to do much damage beyond killing a few goblins as he was locked in single combat against Marda. Then, when he left Marda to attack Jadeite on Nero's orders, Jadeite tricked him into a portal that stranded him in the Underworld for the rest of the battle.

After Nero's destruction, Rabixtrel approached both Ami and Wemos, and agreed to serve Ami when she offered to let him kill every ghost and skeleton on Avatar Island. Since then, he has been on the front line of every major battle that Ami's forces have fought. These include:

  • Assault on Wemos
  • Portal assault against the Underworld Army
  • Assault on Dreadfog Island including battle with an Incarnation of Extinction
  • Conquest of Keeper Clairmonte's former territories

To counter his violent tendencies when bored, Ami lets him hunt mindless undead on the Avatar isles, and has created a virtual reality entertainment system to keep him occupied (Interception).

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