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Sailor Jupiter, civil name Makoto Kino (translatable as "faithfulness of wood"), is the strongest physical fighter among the senshi, having tangled with a youma and come out of it alive before becoming a senshi. Her powers include generation and manipulation of electricity and plant-related powers.

Martial Arts SkillsEdit

While Jupiter has no known formal training in martial arts she possesses enough street fighting experience and innate fighting instincts to be able to go hand to hand with most human, and on case by case basis, youma opponents. She also has above average strength which she knows how to put to good use, outside of fighting as well as in it.


Jupiter is an interesting blend of both aggressive and passive traits. She frequents martial arts classes and has no problems starting up fights against bullies, but she's also very talented in several house-keeping skills, such as cleaning and cooking, and hopes to one day open her own bakery. Jupiter is also very protective of her friends, perhaps more so than the other Senshi, and will go to whatever lengths needed to protect them from danger.

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