The Senshi Transformation is the spell of the civil identities behind the various senshi that grants them access to a vast magical reservoir as well as certain associated spells. The variations of the transformation are distinctly linked to the reincarnations of the former senshi, meaning one senshi cannot use the transformations of the others. The magical phrase to cast the spell is, respectively to the senshi,

Moon/Mars/Mercury/Jupiter Power, Make Up!

After Sailor Mercury bonded with the dungeon heart an unforseen side effect became apparent. Her sailor crystal, embedded within the dungeon heart, didn't differentiate the energy bonds going out from the dungeon heart and applied the transformation changes to all bonded minions.


With an active senshi transformation the user may cast various spells, fuelled by the senshi magic. Furthermore the transformations grants an immense boost in physical resilience, endurance, strength and balance. This is cumulative to already existing qualities of the transformed person.

A singular trait of Sailor Mercury's transformation is her access to the Mercury computer via visor and keyboard.

Furthermore when Mercury possess a person, transforms in its body and then leaves without de-transforming first the original inhabitant will have access to he same mana pool as Mercury. It is unknown if this is a side-effect of the collaborative magic with the dungeon heart or if it could be applied by the other senshi as well.
If Mercury uses magic in the strangers body he or she might be able to reproduce the spells, fueling them with the same mana pool Mercury uses. This will however put a strain on Mercury.


  1. The person speaks the magic phrase with the intention to cast the spell.
  2. The current clothing is magically stored.
  3. The body is cleaned.
  4. A glamour is applied, not changing the persons features but mentally making them unrecognizable compared to the civil identity.
  5. From bottom to top are conjured: shoes, a miniskirt, a leotard with a ribbon at the bosom and another one at the low of the back, gloves to the elbows, a choker, make-up, accessoires and a golden tiara. The colour and style of the attire follows the appropriate senshi.

Dungeon Heart Side EffectsEdit

Mercury's bonding with the dungeon heart led to a curious side effect - her transformation pen was absorbed by the heart and integrated into it. Since the magic transforming her is not sentient it applies the appearances of the transformation to all connections of the dungeon heart, effectively forcefully supplying every minion with their very own fittingly tailored senshi uniform (yes, even the beetles). Furthermore the dungeon itself was affected and decorated with blue ribbons and such like.

The combination also led to a constant trickle of chaotic magic, that - if unheeded - had wildly varying results.