Shabon Spray is a spell unique to Sailor Mercury. It is powered by her senshi magic. It manifests as a burst of bubbles accelerating towards its target where the bubbles disperse to form a fog. This fog dampens the visual, audio and olfactory perception of the subject.

Spell Data
Alignment Good (Senshi)
Duration Minutes
Target Area of Effect

High dampening of visual and olfactory perception

Low dampening of audio perception

Notes Differentiates between factions (friendlies unaffected)

Corrupted VersionEdit

The corrupted version of Shabon Spray is cast when the regular spell is fueled by the dark mana from the dungeon heart instead of Mercury's own senshi mana pool. While its general effect remains the same, the means with which it achieves the effect differs strongly.

When cast, the corrupted spell will erupt in a black miasma instead of the regular white fog. The miasma reacts aggressively with the eyes and ears of the subject, leading to permanent damage.

The prerequisite to casting the spell is stopping the influx of senshi mana into the mana pool, exhausting it and letting it refill with dark mana. Since Mercury has only one mana pool fueling her spells but two influxes, this can be accomplished by applying the Senshi Transformation on different individuals or using spells regularly until the mana pool is drained and then using senshi spells that are foremost fueled by the influx and take the missing amount of mana from the pool.[1]

The spell itself, however, takes a lot of power to cast and the process is very uncomfortable to the caster.[2]


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