Snyder at the front right

Snyder is an acolyte and former member of an party of adventurers. His companions were Cathy, Boris and Jered. He has red hair in a bowl cut and a slightly chubby face.

His attire is usually a long white robe with a broad scarlet stole festooned around it.

He easily gets flustered and nervous, necessitating his habit of wiping off his forehead and face of sweat. His ability in crafting wards has yet to develop to a satisfying degree - his wards tend to burst into flames. The biggest blunder to date was the ward on Ami's Dungeon Heart in the Dungeon at Goodplace, which leaked unnaturated wild magic into the heart chamber. This was temporarily disposed of by the alchemist by throwing chickens into the chamber, resulting in a giant chicken head sticking out of the wall and a feathered bush hanging from the ceiling.


Snyder met Mercury as a hired acquittance of Jered in Goodplace. When Jered decided in transporting her to the capital for trial, he was wounded in a goblin ambush on the way.[1] The injury was healed by Ami. At their arrival in the capital Snyder was assigned to the healers in the main force and followed the baron in his attack on Keeper Arachne's dungeon. As soon as the baron found out about Mercury's status as a Keeper the acolyte was associated with her and decided during the escape from Arachne's dungeon to become one of her minions.[2]

Once in her employ his assignment was to deal with the involuntary transformation of all minions during every Senshi Transformation. The researched ward resulted in an unnoticed build-up of unnaturated wild magic in the heart chamber. The unlucky discovery was made by Boris and Tserk, who both were merged as a result of the uncontrolled magic. A temporary solution was found.[3]

Once Mercury's dungeon was relocated to the desert, he integrated the ward in the heart chamber. He then helped Mercury in getting a chance to talk with the Light Gods[4], resulting in him being put on trial in Evercalm for suspicion of apostasy, but the process wasn't finished after Mercury saw the reasoning the prosecutor was following. She verified and rebutted his various claims and accusations and left the court with Snyder in tow.


  • Healing
  • Ward crafting


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