This dungeon, tentatively named spider dungeon for its lack of in-story name, belonged to Keeper Arachne. It was located in a hilly landscape splattered with blotches of trees and a few villages close by.[1]

Attack on the DungeonEdit


As soon as Mercury got wind of Arachne's return after the destruction of the dungeon at the capital she struck a deal the accidentally imprisoned baron Leopold to exchange the treatment of the Boris-Tserk-conglomerate for the location of the new dungeon.[2]

For that means Mercury used her warlock in conjunction with large-scale-scrying to locate Arachne's dungeon.

Attack, Round 1Edit

The attack itself was once again led by Mercury. She disabled most traps at the entrance and casted a corrupted Shabon Spray to drive the arachnide minions out. Once they escaped the dungeon they were greeted by Shabon Spray Freezings.

Soon enough Arachne possessed one of her bigger minions and enlarged it. Pressing her advantage she attacked Mercury. With her attention focused elsewhere Jadeite was ordered to attack the dungeon heart directly, only to fall victim to a transformation trap. The senshi managed to encase the enemy Keeper in ice in turn. Arachne however was able to break free and devised a counter to the freezing spell, forcing Mercury and Jadeite to evacuate the premises.[3]

Aftermath Round 1Edit

With the information on the location gleaned and decent data on the dungeons defences Mercury contacted the baron and exchanged it for her healed minion.

Attack, Round 2Edit

Jadeite was ordered to open portals between the Underworld and the dungeon to funnel magma into it. This was by and large met with success.[4]

Aftermath Round 2Edit


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