The Alchemist is an unnamed old master alchemist who was one of Ami's first recruits from the Underworld. He joined at the same time as Tasbaal and an unnamed warlock, and continued serving her until his death in the climactic battle against Keeper Nero's forces (Nero's Spell part 2).

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

The alchemist is an old man, mostly bald with tufts of white hair and an untidy white moustache, commonly wearing a white coat stained by chemicals. He is learned in alchemy, an avid researcher, and also shown to be clever at coming up with unorthodox solutions.


The alchemist was one of Ami's first recruits, recruited from the Underworld right after the first Reaper left Ami's service,  joining at the same time as Tasbaal and an unnamed warlock (Assistants Acquired). He was part of the team that originally developed Ami's ice golems, but his activities after the formation of the iceberg dungeon is unknown. Unlike the warlocks who formed the bulk of Ami's researchers, the alchemist had no notable magic or combat skills, focusing almost entirely on theoretical research.

The most notable incident is when he grounded the chaotic magic built up by Snyder's wards by tossing in several chickens (Knowledge Hard Earned).

Following the battle with Nero, Ami noted him as one of the dead when she took stock (Back to the Iceberg). The exact manner of his death is unknown.

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