Torian succeeded Erasmus as Ami's Chief Warlock and head of research.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Torian is described as spindly, with oiled black hair and a short beard. His age is indeterminate, but he is unlikely to be older than middle age. Besides being an avid scholar of all things arcane, Torian is also notably ambitious for fame and power, naming new spells after himself and petitioning Ami to name him sub-Keeper. He is also a sycophant, flattering Ami at every opportunity.


It is unknown when he joined Ami's forces, but it would be either after her defeat of Malleus, or after she built the iceberg dungeon. His contrubutions to the various projects and battles before the chapter "Assault on Wemos" is unknown as he is not introduced until after Erasmus is dead. After his introduction, he has been shown involved in many battles and projects.

His research contributions include early experiments into the Battle Staves of Colamarine, and Torian's Amazing Undead Dominator, a spell capable of taking control of any undead, even when they are intelligent and/or controlled by another Keeper, provided the caster has sufficient power.

His most significant combat action was when he hijacked one of the dark god Crowned Death's death priests with his Undead Dominator, then sent the priest to rescue Ami, whose mind had been trapped by Crowned Death (Catastrophic Failure Part 2). The rescue attempt failed, but Torian did manage to kill Keeper Clairmonte, fulfilling one of Ami's secondary objectives.

He is currently continuing his work as Ami's chief warlock.

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