Vermin Lord

The Vermin Lord is the Dark God associated with poisonous and disease-spreading abnormal insects. Giant Beetles, Spiders and Flies fall under Vermin Lords influence, as might many other lesser beasts and scavengers like rats and crows.

"The Vermin Lord is a dark god who takes delight in suffering inflicted by small pests. Preferably on people, but animals are targets of opportunity too.
The category "pests" isn't limited to insects. Any small and annoying or harmful critters count.
Don't try to sacrifice pests to him, though. He considers them useful, not valuable. Arachne's spell to turn herself into an insect swarm? To him, it's faintly amusing, in the same way as a blacksmith turning himself into a hammer would be. And she's so proud of it that she uses it at every opportunity, the idiot.
The spell he grants to Keepers who worship him increases the size of the targeted pest. Creates a very useful and completely expendable soldier in an instant. Results are proportional to the size of the targeted creature, so starting with a giant spider is typically a good idea. It also works on other types of pests."(comment by Pusakuronu )
Known as the Carrion God, he is the Dark God worshiped by the Keeper Arachne and briefly, Keeper Nero.

He has begun exploring the dimensional spaces between the Dark Realm and the Dark Kingdom, with his forces locked in a stalemate against Queen Beryl's youma.