Warlocks are wizards dealing with destructive and evil magic. They usually have dark robes, high collars and a
lack of any ethicity. Paired with their usual employer, Keepers, makes them hard to trust. They have trouble working in teams since most warlocks are egomanical and try to be the top in their social circle. Sadly enough this doesn't foster competition in a way one would think it does - sabotage and thievery in the laboraty are par of the course.

Rang InsigniaEdit

On the collars of warlocks are pinned rank insigniy showing their accomplishments and knowledge in their fields of magic.

  • Necromancy - Skull

Warlocks in Mercury's employEdit

  • Tasbaal - former high priest to the dark god Murdrul he lost his power base when his god was defeated by Azzathra. He joined after her first successful recruitment drive in the underworld. She imprisoned him after learning of his deeds. Stoned to death in prison by his former victims.
  • The lanky one, fake-bearded and easily cowed - joined first recruitment drive
  • The alchemist, semi-bald with mustache, white labcoat - joined first recruitment drive
  • The former warlocks of Malleus (whitebeard?, ...)
  • After disbanding the desert dungeon, many of her former warlocks joined Mercury's second recruitment drive after establishing her general iceberg dungeon. (alchemist, whitebeard, ...)