Zarekos is the vampire Keeper, who came out on top after Mukrezar's demise. He is bald and wears a black cloak with red trimmings. His favoured monsters are various forms of undead, mostly ghosts and Vampires. His Dark Gods affiliation is Crowned Death.

During his time he tried to acquire godhood by having ghosts and all his minions pray to a supersized statue of him. At the time of Mercury's first invasion attempt, he had at least 72 vampire minions, as well as thousands, if not millions, of ghosts.

Known Tactics Edit

Zarekos has been observed to not have much in terms of tactics other than zerg-rushing very large numbers of ghosts, using their draining attacks, magic resistance, invisibility and large numbers to great effect. He will also support the ghosts by using the Earthquake spell to create additional entryways into the enemy dungeon.

If pressed, Zarekos will also deploy his Vampires followers as shock troops, using their vastly superior combat ability to overwhelm defenses.

Zarekos appears to use the same techniques for defenses, as seen in the temple.

Known favourate powers and spells Edit

  • Earthquake.

Note: It is unknown if he has any other favoured spells, simply because spells are fueled by gold and he has so little of it.

  • Vampire: He is a vampire, and possesses all vampiric strengths and weaknesses on top of his Keeper abilities.
  • A form of paralysis against any being looking into his eyes.


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